What’s the Cost for a Home Inspection?


How much do you charge for a home inspection? That is a great question, and one with a lot of answers.  Each inspection can vary based on the size and age of the home itself, the type of construction, and the type of inspections you want performed.  Watch this short video for some more information, and you can always contact us for a quote:



Why is Grading Important?


What is grading? Why is it so important? Grading can either be something that helps your home – or causes problems for years to come. Watch this short video to see what you should look for:


Why Would a Seller Need a Home Inspector?


Want to sell your home faster? Would you like to command more money for your home as well? Wouldn’t we all! One of the best ways to do this is by having a pre-listing home inspection performed. Watch this short video and see why a pre-listing home inspection may be right for you:


Do You do Water Testing


If your home is serviced by a private well, its always a great idea to have your water tested.  While making sure it is safe to drink, we also want to check for water quality issues that may cause staining, foul taste, hardness etc.  Check out this short video for more information, and contact Inspections Plus LLC for help in getting your water sampled and brought in for lab testing.


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