Professional Home Inspections in Connecticut

Inspections for all homes. New Construction, pre-owned, investments, and condominiums. We can also check radon, termites, water quality, and more!


Inspections Plus provides an accurate and one of the most comprehensive home inspection reports in the area. Brian is a certified and independent home inspector, and has a thorough knowledge of building construction, methods, and regulations.  Having previously worked in the construction, real estates sales, and mortgage industries Brian is familiar with different types of financing, and other considerations that important during the buying and selling process.

Inspections Plus is an independent home inspection company and is on your side. We are the “Home Buyer’s Home Inspector”. Our reports are based on technical and honest facts. We do not omit or understate discovered issues that might be in the best interest of the home owner or Real Estate agent. Rather we report on any issues that may need attention. This way the buyers knows what to expect in home repairs or can renegotiate the purchase price with these repairs in mind.  Our reports are promptly delivered, providing you the opportunity to ask questions from the inspector to help you make decisions in the buying process.  Our goal is to educate you as a prospective buyer, and to give you the information to make the best decisions.

Our Inspection reports feature information about the various components in the home and detailed comments that may include suggestions on how an issue could be corrected, or what maintenance to expect in the future. In addition to a written report, we also take lots of photos to better document and communicate any issues we find.  A common home inspection could take 2-3 hours or more, and we encourage the buyer to be involved so they can learn as much as possible about the home.  Please feel free to call or email any time, regarding any questions you may have.

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